Friday, June 29, 2012

glimpses in the mirror

The girls and I were driving around yesterday. The radio was on, I was singing, Poppy was being silly and Ola was watching her sister intently.

I usually have my rear view mirror tipped a little more in Poppy's direction because she like to talk (a lot) to me while I am driving. It's easier for me to catch everything if I can see her a little bit.

Poppy starts bouncing her hand over her mouth while she is making random noises, I always think of this sound as the stereotypical non politically correct way that someone would imitate native tribal chants... you know what I mean... right?

anyways... She does a few, and laughs, looks at Ola and then looks at me. Does a few more, laughs a little harder, looks at Ola who giggles this time, and looks at me who has now noticed Ola giggling. And we do this dance for a minute or two, then Ola copies Poppy. Poppy looks to me in the mirror to see if I caught it and I acnkolwledge her with a eyebrow tilt. We laugh, and encourage Ola to keep mimicing her sister, and she is laughing, belly laughs now, and she stops to say "ay" (yay) and clap. We clap, we chant, we laugh.

I tilt my mirror a little more in Ola's direction now. I can see her face, her happy cherubic face, her eyes slitted from smiling so hard. She stops to clap for herself again...

And it hits me, I can feel the tears welling up and I am proud. It feels like forever I am staring at Ola, almost in slow motion... I can't believe how she is changing, it's amazing.

Poppy catches the tear falling in the mirror. "Mommy are you ok?"

"I'm great Poppy, Mommy is just really happy. I love you."

"I love you to Mommy."

and just as I look back to Ola she blows me a kiss.



Mrs. Merriman said...

:) xoxo

Laura said...

Oh, my friend! I am in tears now too. Love that sweet girl, her sweet big sister and their sweet Mama. Loved this. xoxo