Thursday, June 28, 2012

giving credit where credit is due

Eating for Ola usually goes something like this...

However lately it has gone something more like this....

Note the fork/spoon. Yesterday I made a spinach tart that both the girls love, and Ola wouldn't touch it, she was messing about, pushing the pieces around, and fussing. I didn't understand, then it dawned on me... Sister just wanted her spork! I handed it to her, she grinned and ate every single piece.

Things like watching her eat with her spork make me so incredibly proud. It's little to most, but over here, it's a party!

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Lynnette Miller said...

She is so beautiful, what lovely photos. You must be very proud. It was a huge step for our Vicki when she went from bottle to cup, quite a milestone!
By the way I love your blog.