Thursday, June 14, 2012

a much needed break

The last few months have been hectic for me. It has involved working (temporarily), numerous tests at the hospital to try to figure out why I have been plagued by bad headaches for so many months, and stuff with the kids. Mark and I topped off the chaos with a out of town trip that was so much fun, and was a much needed break from the fast paced busy reality of the last 2 years.

We figured out that the last time we went away together was right after we got married 8 years ago. We were trying to not spend too much money so our honeymoon consisted of a road trip to visit my family, and then a plane ride a few weeks later to visit his family in Ontario. I have to say that being able to just be "me" for 5 days was refreshing, and while I missed the girls horribly, I enjoyed having Mark to myself. We  slept in (a bit) and got to do things like surfing, and a fishing charter. If you ever have the chance to visit Vancouver Island, try to do some things that maybe you wouldn't normally do. Surfing was a first for both of us, and so was the fishing charter. We both had fun at the surfing, and even though I was so sea sick (vomiting included!) I am glad that I stuck out the day for Mark because it was pretty fun. We caught our daily limit of salmon, but no luck with the halibut.

I was trying to smile through the nausea, and I was terrified because it was so choppy!

Our charter was really good, once the choppiness calmed and I puked

The first salmon!

I did pretty good too!


They were hard to pull in!

This is a Canary rock fish. I haven't tasted him yet, but I am hoping it's yummy!

After 3 hours of surfing. I was so tired, but surprisingly warm and happy!

The view from my kayak

Our friend Martin told us about a hike near Tofino that was to see a crashed WWII bomber. this plane was unreal, slammed into the mountain through the trees, and it's sitting there, way up, but still reachable.

We went kayaking too and I have to say that this is still my favourite way to be on the water. I love kayaking, and I hope I get to go at least one more time before the summer is over.

We also went on a hike, and I got a manicure!

I was glad to get home, and the girls were so happy to see us, which makes coming home so much sweeter!

Here are the links to the folks we used for our adventures:

Long Beach Charters

Surf Sisters

Majestic Ocean Kayaking

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