Saturday, December 31, 2011

oh 2011...

Last year I wrote this post on getting ready to celebrate the beginning of 2011. I just read over it and remembered that I had a bucket list. I said that it had 14 items on it, I am not sure why... it only has 10.

Let's look at it shall we?

1.Get Ola crawling by Christmas. Well she isn't crawling, but she is a butt scooting machine. I count that as done! The main goal was to get her mobile and we definitely did that!
2. Teach Poppy the Alphabet. With the exception of missing M and N occasionally she has it! Done!
3. Lose 40 lbs by Jan 1st 2012. Ha! I wish!
4. Go to an auction (not a tool one.) Umm nope, just the livestock one and I am not counting that either.
5. Learn to ice skate. (When I wrote this we had ice skated twice in the weeks leading up to new years and I think that I was going to become the next Nancy Kerrigan or something. I didn't do this, but I did do THIS and it involves skates... I am taking another one! Done!
6. Learn how to use my camera properly. Nope. Still haven't mastered that one yet.
7. Complete 500 miles in 2011. Nope. This was related to the weight loss.
8. Get the dolls selling in at least 3 stores. Nope. I got the dolls in two stores, and then with the sales being poor I backed out.
9. Smile more. Gawd I hope I did this
10. Stop worrying about the wool in my eyes. I am not sure what I was talking about?! hmmm wool in my eyes? Maybe it had a deeper meaning a year ago, I have no idea. I don't remember specifically having a problem with wool in my eyes :)

This year I am not making any resolutions... but there are things that I would like to do.

Here are some of them sprinkled in with some of my favourite photos, and moments that I am thankful for from 2011.

1. be strong enough not to cry when I am going in for my surgery in the new year
2. tell my girls and Mark that I love them everyday and take a moment to give them a good hug
3. blog more :)

Getting Ola in a great highchair that helped her learn how to eat on her own
4. teach Poppy how to ride a bike
5. teach Ola how to hold a bottle
6. teach myself how to not over cook a soft boiled egg

getting out with the wildlife
7. make time to be crafty
8. master crocheting enough to actually finish an afghan
9. sew a zipper into something

finally getting Instagram on my phone whilst getting my hair done
10. stop biting my nails so I can paint them pretty colors
11. get my makeup done
12. get my hair dyed red
Ola watching and soaking up every little thing
13. do more baking with Poppy
14. maybe let Ola help...
15. make eggs benedict once
Part of the birthday invitation for Ola's first birthday
16. learn how to smile as big as Ola
17. take more photos
Poppy slipped and fell in the muck in the chicken coop declaring that "you arn't a girl farmer until you've slipped and fallen in a chicken coop!"
18. set new goals for Ola this year
19. set some for Poppy too
20. get away for a weekend with Mark
Ola on her first birthday sitting up all by herself!
21. run a 5km (run)
22. keep on doing bootcamp
23. remember what September felt like

sitting at a pre-school concert admiring the ground
24. try meditating for a month if it doesn't work out that's ok
25.  do a spin class
26. get another tattoo

5 generations of ladies!
27. meet a new friend
28. keep making time for old ones
29. visit my grandmothers more

fun at sports day
30. encourage Poppy to be brave
31. encourage myself to be brave
32. remember to take deep breaths
adopting this little stinker
33. hug a cat, even when you want to strangle him for knocking over your jewellery box
34. go to a quiet beach where we can find sand dollars
35. visit the island
beach date with just Poppy
36. make a big sandcastle
37. sell some more chicks

having my chickens unknowingly hatch out turkey eggs!
38. make more yummy cakes, but give them away
39. make more yummy cookies and give those away too

always making a homemade birthday cake!
40. make a few donations
41. teach the girls about making donations

having fun at our local thrift store
42. continue learning sign language with the girls and make a bigger effort to use the ones we know
43. make Ola a quiet book
44. do a tutorial on a quiet book

self discovery
45. sweat more
46. get on a bike
47. get anew pair of sunglasses!

finally being strong enough to make myself feel better
48. come up with some new craft ideas
49. re-invent my craft persona

taking part in the fieldstone vintage market
50. get my pink back

dying my hair super power pink!
51. give Poppy more credit as a great big sister, trust her more with Ola
52. sit back and watch more

the girls sharing their first cart ride together!
53. take more deep breaths (did I already say that!)
54. go for a walk on the dykes
having our family photographed for the Tiny Light Foundation
sharing a car ride with the happiest kid on the planet! imagine turning around to see this every time you are driving!
55. go to a big concert
56. go to a little concert
being with Ola for her ear tube surgery, and thankful that she is healthy
57. teach Ola to say MaMa
58. celebrate more birthdays
celebrating birthdays
59. make the girls costumes again
60. make myself a costume

realizing that I have an octopus as a daughter!
61. let Poppy draw on my face with makeup sticks just because she loves it so much

family night for Halloween!
62. teach Poppy how to embroider

getting a new tattoo that means a lot to me (more on that in the new year)
63. go to an auction and buy something that I want but don't need

had an awesome year!
64. have a fantastic year, and make sure I take the time to enjoy every moment I can!

*EDIT* January 1st I thought of a few more

65. eat from a food truck specifically the Tacofino one!
66. run that annoying 1.5 km warm up in less than 9 minutes!


Krista said...

Wow, Great list! I have trouble thinking up just a few...I think I have 3 and one of them is potty train Ella...I am so sad. I am glad you joined our group on facebook. I look forward to following your blog.

Vintage Home said...

wow great list.....your daughters a beautiful!
I want to talk to you ...will try to email!

Poot & Boogie said...

Thanks Krista! It was funny they all just kept popping into my head! and I have a few more to add tonight! Thanks for following my blog!

Poot & Boogie said...

Thanks Vintage Home! Please send me an email! I look forward to hearing from you!

Lysa said...

What an excellent list! You've inspired me, now I wanna go make a list too! I just need some paper and...a pen. #1. get organized #2.... :)