Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dropping the ball on the New Year

I had planned on making a big post ushering out 2010 and welcoming 2011 with open arms.

 I started and then my darling hubby complained that his computer game wasn't loading properly from my uploading photos. I was too tired to argue, so I deleted it.

Anyone else out there have a hubby that is stuck in the 14 year old boy phase of loving video games? anyone? Please tell me I am not alone :)

We had a quiet New Years, it's too hard to do crazy ring in the new year type things when you have two little ones that need to be in bed at 7:30. I would rather have them home and in bed on time than out partying until the wee hours.

I am so old.

The one thing that I do love about New Years is that it means that my birthday is officially only one month away! I am turning 33 this year!  *** EDIT! I just got a call from my Mom. Apparently I am only going to be 32! HA! I gained a year! I told her I can't do math! This is going to be a good year. I am determined to make it so. I have said over and over to everyone that will listen to me that 2010 bit the big one, but really I think that I was making mountains out of mole hills. Mark and I had our toughest year ever. We are lovers not fighters, but 2010 was a hard one. I have never felt so out of tune with him, and with our whole relationship. Everything he did pissed me off, I had felt angry for months, and I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was exactly, but have since come to realize that it was a bunch of little things that were getting to me. I won't bore you with the details, but what I will say is that sometimes difficult conversation need to be had, tears need to be shed and in the end you feel better. Well, maybe not right away but good things can come from hard topic conversations. It was a hard year financially, but it was for a lot of people. And somehow amidst this we managed to buy our house.

Really when I think about it we had a really good year. Ola was born, We made some new friends, bought our house, saw Poppy off to pre-school for the first time, celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, holidays with the ones we love, had our first trick or treating fun, and a babies first Christmas!

I made some new years resolutions, however after seeing a video about sharing New Years resolutions I decided not to share any of them. The speaker talked about how after you share your resolutions you are not as likely to keep them. I want to make mine happen so I am keeping them to myself. I wrote them down on my 2011 bucket list, put it in a drawer and closed it. I think I have 14 things on it right now, I might add some more, I might not.

I will share my accomplishments when I cross them off, but until then you will have to wait.

I am wishing you a very happy New Year, let it be a great one!

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Amber said...

Everyone was sick at my house on New Year's Eve - except me. I sat up and knit. You want to talk about feeling old? That did it for me.

Happy New Year!