Tuesday, September 27, 2011

where did the time go?

 Well it seems like I have a little bit of catching up to do.

September has been an incredibly busy month, lets do a quick little re-cap!

Poppy turned 4! yes, 4 that is so crazy to me, it seems just like yesterday that she was born. She decided on her birthday unbeknownst to me that it was time to be a diva. She is full of beans right now, and she is saying the funniest, most random things. "you know Mom... sometimes you just need to look at the bright side." Yeah, the bright side :)

Ola is amazing! Her new nickname is scooter, this kid is scooting everywhere! I can't keep up. I actually had to bust out the playpen just to keep her safe while I run to the bathroom. Her main targets of desire are of course the kitty litter and the dog food.
She also had a visit with her ENT who let me know that while she still officially is on the wait list for tubes, she has no fluid in either of her ears at all! Such good news, but we are hanging out on the wait list for another couple of months just in case the fluid comes back for cold and flu season!
She also had a visit with her eye specialist after I jumped the gun and bumped her appointment in fear that she was having difficulty seeing. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that her sight has actually improved and she doesn't need to be seen again for 6 months!

Poppy started her second and final year of preschool. I am already panicking about kindergarten next year and have a few calls into different agencies waiting on info about schools in two districts that will be good fits for both girls. I want Poppy to start at a school that will welcome Ola with open arms and resources as well. If that means having to take her out of our catchment I will.

There were two big events in September that our family was preparing for. One was the DS awareness walk (formerly, but always in our family the buddy walk) and the Fieldstone Vintage market. We fundraised just over $1000 for the walk (BIG thanks out to everyone who donated!) and I sewed like a maniac to get ready for the market.

I only got two semi-crappy shots of my table with my camera phone. There were so many vendors running around taking photos but I didn't even think of that!

Lily and Rachel of Birch and Bird did such an amazing job and the Bakerview Eco-dairy was an amazing venue.

The sale was good for me, but after all of the hard work and time I spent getting ready for the sale I decided that I am taking a break from the dolls and Poot & Boogie for a while. I am packing up the pattern and switching gears. I have been making Poot & boogie dolls for almost 4 years, and I think I need a change. I am not sure what the change will be, but I am taking some time off to focus on some other things and get re-inspired.

One of the things that I am focusing on is... myself.

Those of you that are friends with me on facebook already know abut the new blog that I started called Go! Leanna Go! At the end of August I had finally had enough of feeling tired and cranky and un-healthy and I decided to do something about it. Jump over there to read the whole story and to follow me on my new healthy journey. I still fully intend to come to this space and write about family and life as I am keeping the Go! Leanna Go! blog more about me.

So there in a nutshell was September. It was fast, it was furious and now I am ready for October.


Lysa said...

Busy, busy hey! I love that photo of Ola! Way to cute! and I love the pillows!Did you have any stuff left over from the martket?

Leanna said...

I had 8 dolls left, some earrings, some hair clips and all of the pillows... Lots of people saying "oh it's so cute!" but not very many buyers.

Amanda said...

I would love to get a doll for Danica. Let me know what you still have around and I'll take one!

Amber said...

September really flew by for me, too. I think it has a way of doing that - so many beginnings packed into four short weeks!

And I LOVE that shot of Ola - so sweet. :)