Wednesday, November 23, 2011

short and sweet

I read something a couple of weeks ago about keeping a blog and it pretty much said that if you don't have anything meaningful to share, don't. Everyone hates reading the numerous wall posts on facebook all day from the same person sharing every moment of the day. Same with blogging. They said keep it short, and add photos if you can. Sprinkled in with all the good things that have happened since my last post there has been a few bad and trying moments too, and although I agree with most of the blog keeping advice I don't think that I can keep it short all the time.

But I can tonight.

Ola the Rainbow Octopus! Her costume was so easy! I used 4 pairs of Poppy's old tights,  but them, stuffed, and sewed them to the underside of a skort. She wore a long sleeved onesie and I sewed the felt eyes to an old toque. This was especially cute when she bum scooted!

Poppy the rag doll. I found this dress (bib and all) at Value Village and purchased a child sized rag doll wig there as well. She chose tights from her collection and decided on the shoes.

All of us on our way out the door. I know the cowboy is un-original, but hey at least I did something.

This was Ola's first time out trick or treating... Don't let the smile fool you. This lasted all but 5 minutes.

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Go! Leanna Go!

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