Saturday, September 3, 2011

happy Birthday to my Poppy


I cannot believe that 4 years has gone by so quickly. I told you the other day how excited everyone was to meet you, and how your Nana and Grandpa and Uncle Brad and Auntie Sarah raced home from their holidays to be there when you arrived. I told you that you are beautiful and that I love you, and that you will always be my best big girl.

At 4 you are smart, quick witted and funny. You laugh at the funniest things like when your sister blows raspberries at you.

You are helpful (sometimes too much) and loving (sometimes too much) and emotional (sometimes too much) but I would trade you for the world.

Happy birthday baby girl, mama loves you.

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Mrs. Merriman said...

Happy birthday, Poppy! We love you! xo