Friday, July 29, 2011

haven't sewn a thing

It's 9:02pm and I have just taken my hair down from the loose bun it's been in all day. It still feels cold from being wet this morning.

I put the TV on and Cider House Rules is playing in the background. I like to have something on that I have already seen so it doesn't distract me from what I am working on. It's a comfortable feeling really, like my family is sitting in the living room chatting about their day.

I have so many ideas and plans fluttering around inside my head that I can't even focus on what to start first. Do you have those days? All day long when you can't sit down and sew, or knit or craft you are waiting... tapping your feet for the kids bed time. Then the kids want one more glass of water, one more pit stop even though she has already gone 3 times. Your three year old that isn't scared of the dark suddenly is. UGH! go to bed!

Then the little one needs an extra snuggle, and I am happy to comply but all the while I am planning on what to cut, how to sew...

Then after a few extra taps on the back, hunched over the crib rail trying not to make a peep, I can slip out.

Then I get in front of the computer and I get lost.... in Pinterest. Lord have mercy on me.

It's now 11:16 and I haven't cut or sewn a thing.

Instead I present to you Bazinga! the most helpful kitty I have ever met.

his eyes are closed and he is taking in the light like it's a sunny day

Oh he knew I was talking about him, he comes to see what's up

I just realized that Bazinga and I have the same colored eyes

he would make a nice scarf

oh no! his butt hole is on my head, and yes he is getting neutered in 6 weeks
oh man... thank you for putting you butt down, now scratch a little to the left
What did you do tonight?


Lysa said...

Is Bazinga orange? We had an orange kitten that did the same thing when ever my husband was on the computer. Luckily he out grew it since he got to be quite a big cat!

It's always nice to have extra help isn't it;)

Poot & Boogie said...

He is orange, but kinda beige... We had an orange cat that was awesome but he was a ginger to the core!

Life as I know it said...

Hi there! It's Julie from Ivory vintage! Thought I would pop by and say hi - you have a great blog!I can definately relate to wanting bedtime to come more than anything and then to while away the hours on pinterst! Oh what a terrible discovery that was!!lol