Tuesday, July 26, 2011

july, it's been a long one.

July has been a long, tired, sometimes sad, sometimes fun month. There has been lots of falling into bed past midnights, lots of up half the nights with a restless, hot, fussy kids. Lots of cancelled outdoor play dates due to the unseasonably cold and wet weather we are having this summer. Wait? did I just contradict myself? I did! One hot nasty day, the next rain and cold. It's so weird but in all honesty I am not complaining, I really don't like the heat.

 Here are a few of the things we have been up to...

turkey chicks
We hatched our first turkey chicks this month. I love hatching chicks. There is something about walking into the coop hearing those little "peep peeps" that make your heart pitter patter. I have never had turkey's before, and no they are not for Thanksgiving dinner!

water parks
This kid can not get enough of water parks. We have a few local ones, but just found a really nice one one the weekend while we were at a Ds picnic. The picnic was good, just one of the rare hot days we had made for a cranky pair of kids later in the day.

raspberry social
Our local country store has a raspberry social for Canada day. Everyone lines up and for a small donation you get this HUGE raspberry shortcake. Simple, but oh so good.

Add caption
Kittens learning the hard way that the side of the tub is slippery. He fell in about 2 seconds after this picture. He didn't panic, but I did!

warm bodies
Bazinga loves Basil. He really likes our other dog too, but she is a little bit more independent. Two lazy animals are cuter than one.

This week consists of getting ready for another market, sewing, and crafting (as much as I can anyways.)

Have a good week, I am off to the thrift store :)

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