Thursday, March 17, 2011

choppy choppy

After my chance meeting a couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed a change. I realized that I was feeling a little bit blue, and I thought that maybe a hair cut would make me feel better. Those of you that know me, know that I am not a vain woman, however  I LOVE my long hair. I had it so so short for so many years that I don't want to lose a centimetre of it! So I knew I wouldn't be chopping it off, but I needed a change.

 I see women all the time and I think I love their hair! and then realize as soon as I get home that there is no way I could describe what I wanted that hair to look like. I try to find pictures online through google images mostly, but what do you type in? Cute long dark brown hair with wispy bangs, but not rockabilly chopped, and not too brown that it's black, but pretty dark cause I don't like my "mousey" brown? umm that doesn't work so well.

So I find a few hair blogs. These are good, but the problem is that most of the photos are of models, not of actual women who did their own hair that day. I want real woman hair, and I want hair that might actually look decent quickly flung up in a pony tail while I try to stay put together enough to make it across the parking lot in the blowing rain while I run to a playgroup or something. Geez is this too much to ask?

So I finally make the bold decision I am going to cut bangs. Bangs are the answer! I wish all of my life decisions were so easy. Oh yeah, and add some color, but not too much crazy color, you still want to look like yourself.  Secretly I am still dying too add one dark indigo streak to make up for my 16 year old self that wasn't allowed to.

So I scrape up every penny I can and I make the appointment. I try to stumble my way through the description to my hairdresser. Ok... so I want my hair to be dark brown, dark dark brown, yummy dark chocolate brown, all of it, the whole head, and I want bangs, but not CHOPPED just wispy, like they have grown out for a couple of months, and I want them to be a little longer on the sides so the pieces fall out, and I want them to look good when my hair is all pulled back, but I don't want to look like I am trying to hard to be cool, I want it to look cute, but not too cute... ok?.....

"Ok, I got it."

"Really? that made sense?"



So the color was first...

So cute, I know.

Then the chop...

even cuter right?

So I think I accomplished what I wanted, well I didn't, Alex did.

I went home and played with it, and I think I can rock out the bangs, for a little while anyways.

Just until they start poking me in the eye, and then their getting the pin.

Thanks Alex! I am really liking the cut! I got another compliment on it today and it was awesome considering it came from another stylist.


Big Girl Feet said...

Very cute! It totally suits you!!

Brooke (Siayla) said...

LOve the bangs!!! You look great!

Poot and Boogie said...

Thanks Ladies!

Debbie said...

Yes!!!! I love it too! Bangs are a great way to spruce up or change a look without losing length! :D. You look great!

Red Spotted Patch said...

Look'n good!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

I secretly want a hot pink streak, for my own 16-year-old self. But I'm still too afraid (of what, I don't know) to actually do it.