Saturday, February 19, 2011

from apple Fritters to sweet Basil

I knew after Fritter passed away that I wanted to get another dog. I wasn't trying to replace him, I just wanted to fill the hole in our home. It was weird and so quiet with only Twiggy calling the shots. Everyone thought it was too soon, and maybe it was, but Fritter isn't coming back and we had a space to help another dog.

And I am an adult and I can do what I want, and my Mom told me when I was little that I could have as many animals as I wanted. (Hi mom!) Ha Ha!

I wanted to adopt a dog because that is what we did with Fritter, and really who wants to deal with puppy stuff? Not me.

I found a dog that was almost a spitting image of Fritter in Washington state, and I was willing to drive there to go get her, but she was adopted the day after I saw her picture on Petfinder. Apparently she had a lot of people interested in her, so I am sure she was placed in a good home. I thought I would look on Kijji to see if anything there looked promising. I saw a few pups (I know I just said that I wouldn't but....) and then pages and pages in, I saw him...

Oh my! I was ecstatic. Mark had no choice in this decision, I told him I was getting this dog! He met all the requirements I had.

Cute (check)
Good with kids (check)
Good with dogs (check)
Good with cats (check)
Email sent (check!)

I got an email back saying that someone was coming to look at him, and I asked her if I could do anything to meet him first. (insert crazy lady email here)

I figured there was no way she was getting back to me. But she did! The next day. The people were a no show and he was mine if I was still interested.

I dropped the girls off early the next morning (Thanks Auntie Bev) and caught the ferry and met them there. I warned them ahead of time that I only had about 10 minutes turn around time to get right back on the same ferry back to the mainland, and it was a fast meeting. 3 minutes tops.

"He's so cute!, and so soft!"
"Nice to meet you..."
"Ya Ya, gotta go, give me the dog, BYE!" (Running with a ferry employee)

It didn't quite go like that, but it was fast, and I felt bad. I would have been really upset if someone took my dog that fast and left.

Oh Well...

He's Mine, all MINE!!!

and I love him.

Maybe not as much as Poppy, but close.


Anonymous said...

How could anyone NOT love that face? Such sweetness!

Big Girl Feet said...

Awww!! Congrats on your new friend- he's adorable!

Red Spotted Patch said...

What a lovely look'n dog, he' looks so friendly and hug-able, congratulations!

Poot and Boogie said...

He is so great! So glad that I snagged him!