Friday, November 19, 2010

Monkey see...

Ok so I realized the other day that Poppy may possibly be copying me.

Duh right?.. Monkey see, Monkey do.

It wasn't until Poppy decided she was going to cover up my ouchies that I realized how many visible ouchies I actually had.

I bite my nails.

There I said it.

I bite my nails, Mark hates it, and now I think that Poppy might me coping me, and this breaks my heart.

You wanna know the stupider part of the whole thing is that I LOVE nail polish! I hoard it... I buy it, and I can't use it because my nails are so short and sore.

I have been reading all about this Fabulous new nail polish called Essie, and when went to search for it I thought I would have to order it online, so I didn't pursue it.

Last night while I was at my local drug store filling a prescription Poppy and I went to look at nail poilish and there it was! Not the best selection, but... Now being the nail polish aficionado that I am I was stoked! (Does anyone say that anymore!?) until I saw the price... $11 ouch. Now I might like nail polish, but I don't have nails so I really don't like to pay more than $5. However the cosmetic lady was there and she must have heard my jaw hit the floor. She pointed me to the sale bin. I was like "lady! this is a new super cool product! There is NO WAY that this stuff is one sale!" but it WAS!!!

I couldn't help myself... it was $7, I bought three.

Little Brown Dress

Sew Psyched

Merino Cool

For some reason I am especially excited about the Sew Psyched. I plan on putting this on my little stubbs tonight. I will give a full report on it's quality later tonight!  So far so good! No chips, it did require two coats, but it's holding strong!

Hopefully this will finally inspire me to stop biting, and in that show Poppy that it's not such a great idea.


Anonymous said...

Neither my husband nor I bite our nails. But my 5-year-old does.

Poppy may have learned it from you, or it may just be something she does. And so I hereby absolve you of all guilt. :)

Poot and Boogie said...

Thanks Amber! haha! I actually asked her the other day why she bites her nails and she said it was because kids at preschool do it, so I agree! It's not all my fault!