Saturday, November 6, 2010


I love Halloween, but it makes me sad that we live in an area that doesn't do trick or treating. I don't blame the kids, I don't even think I would venture down most driveways in our area. Wow, that just made it sound like we live in Shadyville, we don't, we live in a more rural area, where people have big yards, big driveways, and big farm dogs.

We are guessing it weighed at least 200 lbs.

We went to my Parents place this year for trick or treating. That's nothing new, we always go there. My Mom makes a big dinner, I carve lots of pumpkins to add to hers, and we head out. This was Poppy's first real year of trick or treating. I think she just knocked on my Mom's door last year.

Ours all ready to go, the boobie pumpkin is the most bottom one, I carved one to look scared and one to look scary!

She was surprisingly independent and not afraid this year. I was anticipating her not wanting to talk to people but once she realized the whole concept of lots of free candy she was golden! A few people even gave us treats because we were dressed up too! Bonus!

For our costumes we came up with our own super heros. We called ourselves the Tongue Power Girls! now you are probably thinking what the heck,  but let me explain. It is a long running joke in my family about my brother and I. You know when you are trying to do something really tricky... like opening a jar of pickles, or trying to complete a level in a video game, and you stick your tongue out just a little bit like it gives you a little extra power and determination? And them magically the jar opens, and Mario makes the big jump! That's TONGUE POWER!!! Plus as an extra added bonus Ola fit right in with her little tongue, and then Poppy started copying Ola and Whammo TONGUE POWER GIRLS!

Family Portrait with Auntie B

See what I mean!

Now Mark wanted to have nothing to do with this, so Poppy told him he needed to be a black cat, and he obliged :)

Meee owww! Mr. Maks!

My brother didn't really need his werewolf mask!

Mom was laughing I swear! she would be, she's dressed as the devil!

It was a fun night, and I already have a little somethin somethin up my sleeve for next year!


Big Girl Feet said...

Yay!! very cute!! You guys look like you had a fabulous halloween!! I love the Tongue Power Girls- awesome!!

Holly W said...

oh my gosh..I love your pumpkin carving skills! They all look so awesome...
and super cute costumes..