Saturday, November 20, 2010

ummm cakepops?

Ok, so I saw these cute little Cake Pops over at Bakerella's blog a while ago and kept it in my little "to do" file in my brain. She had me at cake on a stick :)

Now being fair I didn't have an exact recipe. I eyeballed it from the video and tried it. I didn't want to do anything fancy, I am thrifty so wasting ingredients is BAD!

I decided to show you first hand my opinion of said balls :)

So... final verdict.

They were ok.

I am going to try another batch, and I would change a few things.
1. Use white cake
2. Don't use Cream Cheese frosting out of a can
3. Don't use a whole can of frosting in a can (it was too squishy)
4. Keep my candy coating chocolate a little warmer to get a thinner covering
5. Make them smaller
6. Not show you a picture of me eating a cake pop

These have potential, I can see a styrofoam tray filled with barnyard animals at a birthday party. I think kids would get a hoot out of these, but right now I am going to go lay down. One of these bad boys was enough for me.


Carla said...

Good job! I didn't think that real life people made those!! I hope your cakepop induced nap helped you recover!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing :) Looks ymmy!

Amber said...

Well, I'm salivating at the look of it, but I'm not picky. Mmm, cake on a stick!