Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ds Awareness day #6

Did you know?

That a large number of children with Ds have hearing problems?

This was another thing I didn't know about Ds. Babies in BC are given a hearing test when they are first born, Ola passed this so there hasn't been a need for us to get another one done yet. I have been reading lot in the last couple of months and I plan on talking to her pediatrician at her next visit which is in a couple of weeks. In one of the books that I read it stated that if your doctor can see the eardrum with their scope there is a good chance that they have large eustachian tubes and shouldn't require tubes in their ears. From what I know kids with Ds have smaller "pipes" I don't know all the technical terms so that is what I use. Smaller "pipes" in their ears, nose, nasal cavities ect. I know little miss Ola gets stuffed up quite easily and I have become a master blaster with the children's saline nasal spray. We go through periods where it is in our daily routine, and at other times like right now for example her nose is runny and snotty enough with her first cold that she sneezes it all out on her own.

Ola should see a ear, nose throat (ENT) specialist within the nest few months just to make sure that everything in that department is fine. So far, the doc can see the eardrums, and she seems to hear just fine. I watched Mark say "Hi Ola" today and she turned right around and looked right at him :)

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