Thursday, October 7, 2010

Down syndrome Awareness day #7

Throwing out the Playbook

Something that I decided quite soon after Ola was born was that I need to throw out the playbook that I followed for Poppy. There were a few times that the playbook had somehow managed to get back into my hands, and it taunted me, tormented me and made me cry. The last time this happened, I tossed that sucker out of my mind as far as my brain could chuck it.

Ola is playing her own game here, no need to follow the plays that Poppy used to succeed. I have no need for that book, and don't even ask me when a "typical" child should _______. I have released that info from my head and I am not going to go look it up for you.

Now I know the approximate times a child should sit/stand/crawl/walk/growth teeth... but for kids with Ds this can be totally different... or not...

Confusing I know... tell me about it!

I have a plan for the way that I am raising Ola, and the fancy name for this plan... Go with the flow. I adopted this plan when I was pregnant with her. I had a very specific birth plan for Poppy. I worked on this plan for days, I typed it over and over, trying to make it perfect. I was going to make sure that Poppy and I had the best birthing experience tranquil music and all! (Don' ask me what I was thinking, I was being influenced by a crazy doula!) After my entire birth plan was thrown out the window the second I BEGGED for pain medicine, I decided that I wouldn't make one for Ola. We were just going to go with the flow. Good thing.... it didn't happen the way I had planned either!

I am making sure Ola is doing what is right for her, and you know what? My plan is working out beautifully. She is gaining strength and hitting milestones at warp speed. She had a visit from our IDP consultant today and she cannot believe how great she is doing. Especially the chatting. I should make a video of that :)

This whole going with the flow thing has helped me loosen up a bit too. I would hate to admit that I was a bit of a schedule maker control freak type, but having Ola has taught me to loosen up, to slow down and to take a few deep breaths and know that it my world won't come crashing down if there are toys all over the floor for a day.

What we won't talk about is how I was up at 7am this morning scrubbing my floors on my knees because her IDP consultant was coming.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I hired a babysitter to come a few days a week to take care of my kids, and I clean for her. Even though part of her job is light housework. You KNOW I would be scrubbing for the IDP consultant.

Anonymous said...

cI am learning alot with your DS info series! Thanks for taking the time to educate us all :)

Christina said...

HAHA I make sure that I clean my house before our IDP comes I understand!shir