Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Out with the new... boo hoo

You may remember earlier in the summer I decided to get a Mirena IUD put in.

Well... It's out. I went and got the $350 little piece of hormone infused plastic taken out.

I originally thought that the Mirena was a good idea for me. Less hormones overall than the pill, one less pill that I would have to take every day, and more cost effective, because lets face it money's tight right now and I calculated that it would be way cheaper in the long run especially if we decided not to have any more kids and keep it in for the full 5 years.

Flash forward 2 weeks after insertion. The first headache, and another, and another.... all bleeping summer. Everyday, as soon as I opened my eyes. Couple that with feeling that I was having the worst PMS I have ever had for 3 months straight. Super grumpy, super moody, super sleepy. All. The. Time. oh yeah and 12 extra pounds ( i don't eat that much ice cream!)

I had mentioned this to the OB about 3 weeks after she put it in. She figured the headache wasn't related to the IUD at all. I then told my GP about the headache about the week after that, and two more times since.

Last Thursday I decided I had a list of things to talk to the GP about and I decided to make an appointment. One of the things still being the headache, and my concern that it was the IUD. He wanted to run some blood and a urine just to "rule out" some other things... turns out I had a really bad bladder infection I didn't even notice, and that nothing... nothing else was abnormal. Good I thought, lets pull that sucker out!

I showed up yesterday (leaving the girls at home) I told the nurse right away that I was getting the IUD out, and didn't even give my GP a chance to try to talk me out of it.

I am really annoyed with myself that I had it put in so quickly after Ola was born. I am annoyed that I didn't even let my poor body... poor uterus recover from childbirth before having the IUD put in. Having it in made me feel really disconnected from my body, I didn't know what was going on, my body was rebelling from me, and I didn't even know what the exact cause was.  Was it me? the hormones? my hormones? the IUD itself... who the hell knows. My GP doesn't even know.

I am giving my body a chance to regulate, no more pills (birth control or other) until my body resets. I need to know what is happening. I am missing the regularity of things. I don't even know if I can remember what not having a headache feels like.

Oh yeah and I have to go lose 12 pounds!

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