Thursday, October 7, 2010

living a virtual life

Sometimes I talk about other bloggers to my family like they are my friends. Like I have met them in person and I talk to them on a daily basis.

I read a select number of blogs.

There are my real life friends blogs. Even though I am their friends in real life some of them I don't get to see very often and I can catch up between phone calls and emails.

There are my Ds blogs. Most of these blogs are other Moms talking about their experiences with Ds. There are moms that have been at this for years and there are other Moms that are just starting out like me. I appreciate their words and I tend to learn something new, or see something that inspires me to tears. I love that we are all so different but all so the same.

There are my "crafty" blogs. Sometimes I just want to think crafty. I occasionally get the urge to get out all my crafty stuff and make something. I tend to sew the most. I guess just because of the dolls, and because the sewing machine always seems to be the handiest to access. Most of the time on my photo booth photos you can see it sitting behind me. I love the way people come up with things, and I feel like I used to be like that but now I feel like most of creative "juices" have be turned into other "juices" that fuel a different kind of brain power. I have pushed aside the creative side to come up with answers to my 3 year olds crazy questions, like yesterdays question of how do babies come out of Mommies tummies? What the H? she is three.

And then, there are other blogs that I lurk on.... I just wanna see into other peoples lives.

One time when I was talking about one of my blogging "friends" someone said to me "you sure live a virtual life." I thought it was a bit rude. Maybe I do talk about people sometimes like they are my friends, but don't you learn stuff from friends? I think that sometimes these "virtual" people have taught me more than some of the people that I have met in real life.

And besides... don't we all live a pretty virtual life? I am pretty sure just about everyone on the planet is on Facebook or twitter.

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Anonymous said...

I never really know how to refer to information I read on a blog. Particularly when I'm talking to someone who doesn't 'get' the blogging thing.

I love blogging. It's a big thing for me. I don't think there's anything wrong with blogging or reading blogs or connecting with people online. But there are definitely others who would disagree. Although, there are others who would disagree with everything I do, so really, I don't sweat it too much.