Friday, September 10, 2010

They're coming!


Anonymous said...

So. Much. Doll. Awesomeness. :)

Anonymous said...

i just won one of these dolls as a door prize from the buddy walk in Abbotsford and had to come home and google you right away , these.are.AWESOME !keep it up and where could we get more ? :)

Poot and Boogie said...

Hi there Anonymous!

I was wondering who won, I couldn't see from where I was standing! I have an etsy store, and I will be uploading more there in the next couple of days. From the main page of the blog, look to the left and there is "shop" button. hit that and you will be in the shop!

I am so glad that a doll went to a great home!!

Days of our Lives said...

awesome , can't wait to share your etsy site with my friends !

thanx , Denise