Thursday, September 16, 2010

First day of pre-school

I know this is not your typical first day of preschool shot, but she wanted to make sure I got the Dora backpack in the picture. I kept saying Look at me, and she kept swinging Dora in my face. The first day went very well, she was great and was happy to see me at pick up time to show off her artwork and grab her backpack from her hook. Today is day 2 and I am hoping that it goes the same way. The weather is a little shoddy today so I am not sure if they will be able to play outside which apparently was the big hit of the day. A little boy tried to hold her hand, Poppy doesn't quite know what to think about that. She is very cautious of little boys, and I am sure it freaked her right out!

I cannot believe my little one is already old enough for preschool.


Anonymous said...

I cannot count the number of photos I have of backpacks and toys and someone's lunch, because the little person wanted a photo of said item. I try to tell myself that maybe they'll make me smile, looking back on it all one day.

And my kiddo just started kindergarten. They grow WAY TOO FAST.

Holly Wolly said...

It's so cliche, but they grow up so darn fast...that's why I had one every couple of years I guess..
My oldest just started kinder and I can't believe it..wasn't I just pregnant with him?
And I love the Dora backpack...we spent much of our time this summer discussing and choosing a backpack for school...