Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let me out!

Life around here is quietly busy right now...does that make sense? From the outside looking in, we look SO boring and our neighbors must think we are so lame. "Look at those two...never working, hanging out all day.. Slackers..." It's ok, they have no idea.

Mark has gotten his hands on a few jobs. He builds at home and then moves cabinets off site for install, so 90% of the work is done at home, in our shop, in the backyard. This is a really nice perk. He is home during the day for the emergency runs to the grocery store before dinner for ingredients, he is able (mostly) to come to Dr appointments as back up and three year old control! and mostly he is just "here", "around" and nice to go talk to.

Thankfully and luckily I get to stay home with the girls. I feel very privileged that I get to. I know there are lots of moms that would love to and can't. I feel sometimes that I need to be a super Mom to my girls because I get to be here all day long. A couple of weeks ago while we were waiting for a paycheque that was WAY overdueI thought to myself. "Self.. you have to go get a job. And... because there are no jobs in the field you were recently trained for, you will need to go be_________." I had no idea how I would pull this off. Thankfully the paycheque came and I didn't need to worry about that.

But lets get frank here... Talking to a three year old and holding a baby all day can make you crazy sometimes. There are some days like today for example when I long for an adult conversation. I wish I could hit the "power down" button just for a half hour so I could drink a cup of tea (see above photo) and go to the bathroom uninterrupted. But alas... our children are not born with power buttons, and again my tea sat unfinished this morning.

That's ok though, I miss this chaos when the girls go to my Aunts for 6 hours, I miss the surprise puddles of juice on the floor in my nice clean socks, and I miss the piles of random things all over the place. (See above photo)

I will still admit that I am mildly jealous of my hubby that gets to walk out the door sometimes. Some days you just need to escape. (See crazy eyes in above photo!)

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