Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gearing up for September

It's looking like it is going to be busy, but then this also means that I will have stuff to talk about.

I was trying to come up with something witty to type about today, but I think the rain has me just wanting to cuddle on the couch with the girls. I wanted it to rain all summer (I really am not a sun girl!) and I was really excited today to put on a pair of jean and socks, and I know that I will need a hat and sweater too!

Poppy protested the jeans, she is more of a leggings girl, but I made her wear them anyways....and Ola, poor Ola is still in her Pj's because they are snuggly and warm.

I think I might have mentioned before that I have been trying to get rid of a headache for a long time. I lost track at 6 weeks, and now realistically I think I have had it since early July. Sucky to say the least. I think that there have been 4 days in all that time that it had lessened, and then came back.... until the other day when my hubby picked up a paycheque that has finally been given to us. The dentist that we were building for decided to hold out on the last payment, and had left us poor, and digging into our savings all summer. Could this money have been the cause of all my grief and crankiness all summer long? Wow... Didn't see that coming!

I have been battling with my brain all summer trying to figure out what was causing it.

Did I have a brain tumour? Umm no... remember that scene in Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger... "It's not a tumour!" hahaha! The thought of a aneurism also crossed my mind after my Mother In Law had one and a constant headache was caused by it. Deep down I knew it was neither of these, but after months you begin got wonder.

Was it stress? If it was, what stress?

The stress of having two small children and being a stay at home Mom that handles pretty much everything? Maybe, but the girls are pretty much awesome, and a timeout fixes any problem usually before it starts.

The stress of having an infant with Down syndrome? I don't think so, Ola is doing great, and she never causes me any grief. I do think about her a lot, but that is for a whole other post.

Worrying about my hair falling out? Surly that is not it.

Money. Money is the answer. I cannot believe it! All this time. I wish that we could live in a moneyless society and trade goods for things we wanted.

Wouldn't that be nice?

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Mrs. Merriman said...

Oh my friend I am so glad you are feeling better!!! Have been thinking of you often. AND you got the $$$$!!

Miss you :)