Saturday, September 25, 2010

Walking with our buddies

Today we participated in our first ever Buddy Walk for DS. The weather was so nice, and we had a really good time. Instead of getting everyone to wear a certain color I decided to pick us up all silly masks! Everyone wore one but one :( boo! We only kept them on for the big picture, it was way too hot!

It was really nice to have so many friends and family come out and support us. We had a total of 26 walkers (we didn't win for most buddies) and we raised around $1800 bucks. I didn't keep close enough tabs to tell you an exact amount but it was right up there! I am so Thankful for those that gave to us, and for those that came out to walk. I am so glad that we have some many people that care about Ola and that some many of you would take to time to come out! Thanks!

I was thinking today after we got home that today was the first time I have been around other babies and I didn't try to compare Ola to them. I didn't make mental notes of what they could do vs. what Ola can't do. I just let it be. I just let Ola be. That's Awesome! :)

This is the DS doll that I made for a draw. I plan on making more of these dolls for kids with DS, every little girl needs a doll, and why can't she have one that looks like her too? just sayin..


Anonymous said...

great doll! Have you seen the blog enjoying the small things? I think you might like it.

Poot and Boogie said...

I have seen Kelle's blog and I LOVE it!