Saturday, August 28, 2010

3 years already!

Three years ago I was handed this little bundle of cuteness...

She came home and was a lovely, easy, happy baby....

Today she is a lovely, easy, happy three year old.

Who really likes chocolate cake!

Even though her birthday isn't really until the 3rd of September we decided to hold her party this weekend so more of our family could attend. Everyone always wants to go away for the long weekend. We invited our family and close friends and had a really nice afternoon. We ate cake, this year was a ladybug theme. I made two, one devils food, which turned out perfect. (This is the one in the photo) and a vanilla, that began crumbling as soon as I touched it with the icing. It was the standby, the one to secretly cut in the kitchen.

She was spoiled, and given really nice gifts. I forgot to wrap ours... she will get it on the 3rd, so we can celebrate again. She might just get a cupcake though :) We have plans to celebrate just with her, sans Ola, she won't have fun where we are going anyways!

I remember when she was born how absolutely lucky I felt that I helped make this beautiful little creature. She slept through the night at 3 weeks, she breastfed like a dream, and did so until 14 months. She is so caring, and quick to help out with EVERYTHING! I can't say enough about this kid, what can I say... I am a little biased.

I have to say after Poppy arrived my life blossomed. I could never have imagined that this little being could teach me so much without saying a word.

I made her a love letter quilt (I should post a photo of that!) I told her that I finally knew what it felt like to experience love at first sight, and that she helps me be a better Mom everyday. Whether it be learning to reach a new level of patience and understanding that I didn't know existed or how to love without judgement. I cannot wait to learn more, everyday os a new adventure!

I love this little bug, my Poppy goo.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, happy birthday to Poppy! And happy birth-ing day to you.

Also? Anyone who loves chocolate cake is clearly my kind of person.