Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Friends

Making dolls has introduced me to some really nice ladies. So nice in fact that I mustered up enough courage to ask a few of them if I could come hang out with them. Little did I know that the one coffee meeting I had with them would blossom (note the peonies in the background in my feeble attempt at heart shape with my little sausage fingers!) into a really nice friendship.

Cynthia (Merry Monsters) has become one of my closest and trustworthy friends. We talk...ok we don't actually talk we text everyday. Texting her has become my little break in the day from crying kids, to ask for advice, to ask her opinion, or just to check in.

Cynthia was the first friend I attempted to tell that Ola had DS. I made it 3 words in before breaking down and crying. She showed up at the hospital with her little one a couple of hours later to visit, and without knowing it, helped me get through that day. It was nice to have a "normal" moment amid the chaos that was going on inside my brain.

I have never had many girlfriends and I was terrified that I would never make anymore after having kids. I always thought I got along better with the boys, but longed for a great girlfriend. I have found her in Cynthia :)

Cynthia has also joined together with a couple of her friends to come up with a very lovely online magazine called Delish. (Like she didn't already have enough to do!) Cynthia worked tirelessly to design this mag, and she did such a lovely job. I am so jealous of her creativity and ability to come up with such beautiful things. She did the header for this blog and my etsy site. I am so happy that I have a little piece of her work just for me. :) Please go check it out!

Cynthia and her hubby made dinner for me and my hubby the other night, it was so nice to get together as families. Oh yeah....and the food was delish as well! I also got to go home with a HUGE bouquet of peonies from her garden. (see photo)

I just wanted to use this post to say a BIG THANK YOU to CYNTHIA for making me smile everyday.

Who knew a little texting could mean so much?


Mrs. Merriman said...

Leanna!! You are so special & important to me, too ;) Love that we have a billion things in common (and counting!) and our girls are so adorable together.


Poot and Boogie said...

It is a super bonus the the flower girls love each other too!

Right back at cha! MUAH!

Debbie said...

Oh you two are too precious! You know, you seem to me to be sister-like. No? wonderful attracts wonderful! You girls are WONDERFUL!!! *hugs*

Poot and Boogie said...

Deb, you are super duper too!!! I actually think it was you that got us all together. I need to see you more too!!! *hugs*