Monday, June 14, 2010

Things I learned today... has now been changed to Toddler Tales

Because lets face it, all the posts thus far have been about my things my little chatter box has said to me.

So Toddler Tales it is.

Speaking of toddler tales...

Me having to help Poppy brush her teeth every night has become an issue with me. I want her Dad to help her, but no, she just wants me. I forgot to help her brush her teeth tonight, she didn't forget and called for me about 10 minutes after putting her to bed.

Just for fun I said to Mark, "you do it tonight."
Mark "she won't let me..."
Me "What would you do if I was dead? Never brush her teeth?"
Mark "No, I would say Mommy is dead and I need to brush your teeth."
Me "Nice..."

I go into Poppy's room and just for fun I say...
"Can Daddy do it tonight?"
Poppy "No, you do it..."
Me "I don't wanna do it, let Daddy do it..."
Poppy "No! you do it..."
Me "What if Mommy wasn't here to do it?"
Poppy "But Mommy you are here..."
Ahh...this kid! "Yes, yes I am, come on, let's go brush your teeth..."
Poppy "Ok..."

Oi, I guess I am brushing teeth every night.

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