Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We spent the weekend with family in Nelson BC, one of my favorite places to visit. My cousin Shawn was getting married, and we had to be there. This was also our first trip (long trip) with both Poppy and Ola. Everything went well in the car, and when times got tough, we broke out the portable DVD player that we borrowed from Brad to watch some Dora! Thanks Dora! and Brad!

Ola was held pretty much the whole time we were at the wedding, lucky girl, she doesn't get held all day here (as much as I wish I could!) Mark says holding her all day would be like those people that hold their chihuahua's all day long, and then their nails get overgrown and they are scared to walk on the ground. Nice analogy I know, but her it works here.

We decided spur of the moment to leave earlier than we planned, much to my aunts disapproval. I know they just wanted another night to hold Ola! We just wanted to get home to our own beds, and get Poppy back on track.

I am not sure when we will be able to visit Nelson again but I am so glad that everyone got to meet Ola when she was so little, so they can see how big she has gotten the next time they see her.

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