Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Down Syndrome Buddy Walk

Our family has recently joined a Down Syndrome support group of parents (FVDSS) that is a part of The Lower Mainland Down Syndrome Society of BC (LMDSS) Each year these groups hold their annual Buddy Walk to raise awareness and inclusion for people with Down Syndrome. Our group is doing their Buddy Walk on Saturday September 25th 2010. I thought that since that date is exactly 3 months from today I would start mentioning it now.

The reason why I am mentioning it is because our family (me) is asking for your support. I have a terrible time asking for help (except to my Mom! Love you Mom!) however, I am doing it. I want my family to go out to this walk and kick some major ASS!! haha! I want our "team" to raise the most money and have the biggest turnout! I think WE can do it!

I have posted a "donate now" button over to the left <----------- go ahead, take a look, it's there. I have done it through Paypal so that it has a secure checkout for anyone that wishes to donate to our "TEAM OLA!"

If you do wish to donate, no amount is too small, and every little bit helps. Please make sure to leave your address in the "message box" because any donation over $10 is tax deductible.

So there you have it folks...my plea for help in making Ola's first Buddy Walk the BEST EVER!!!

This is just a little blurb from our groups page:

"This will be the Fourth Annual Buddy Walk held by the Fraser Valley Down syndrome Support group. Last year over 350 people participated.

The Buddy Walk promotes awareness and inclusion for people with Down syndrome and raises money both locally and nationally.

The Buddy Walk is the FVDSS’ single most important source of financial support. Due to your efforts, we have raised money to support the group’s activities, such as our New Parent Outreach, Parent Evenings, guest speakers, books and videos for our Lending Library, funding to help families with their child’s physical development, and family events such as the Buddy Walk, Family Picnic, Skating party, Bowling nights, and Christmas Party. "

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