Monday, May 17, 2010

I am finding myself sitting on the couch more often lately, no I am not being a couch potato...I am pumping...breast milk. My little darling Ola just can't get the hang of nursing, but she does have the hang of the bottle, and getting her to eat, and get stronger is so important right now. Her and I cuddle on the couch and attempt to nurse, but to no avail. Just when she latches on her little tongue thrusts it out. Children with Down syndrome are tongue thrusters apparently. We had a visit with the public health nurse last week (again) and still no luck. She sent me home with a good luck and a nipple shield. Ola doesn't like this, she wants her bottle.

I am torn, I so wanted to breastfeed however continuing to try with Ola is being counter productive. She gets exhausted trying, and then sleeps all day refusing to eat after that. Little stinker, doesn't she know I am trying to help her! :)

I am thinking that Poppy and Twiggy (our dog) are working together to get rid of the pump. Poppy is constantly dismantling it, and I came home to chewed up pump parts the other night courtesy of Twiggy. What Twiggy didn't realize is that I can get new parts! Thank God!

I have to be honest, I was looking forward to seeing Poppy try to imitate me breastfeeding like you see other small girls doing, but I guess I will have to take the image of her sticking a bottle into her doll's mouth instead. I do feel a little bit defeated that I can't breastfeed her, but I keep telling myself that she is still getting my milk, just in a different nipple!

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Anonymous said...

She really IS still getting your milk, and it really is still best for her. But I know that pumping can be disheartening. My first daughter was premature and I pumped for some time. Not what I pictured, but I'm still glad I did it.

Maybe Poppy will imitate the pumping part, too. You never know!