Saturday, May 15, 2010

Long lost friends

Tongue power!

Mark and I attended our first DS parents support group meeting on Thursday. I was feeling skeptical about going to a "support" meeting this early in the game. I didn't really think that i needed any outside support, my support team has been holding strong for a month now, and I didn't need any outsiders venturing in. Or so I thought...

We got to the meeting of our local Fraser Valley group (FVDSS) and were instantly greeted with warm smiles and comforting hellos. I really enjoyed meeting some people that are on common ground with us, seeing how they have made it through the same struggles we dealt with only weeks ago. It was refreshing to hear people not apologizing for Ola's birth. Hearing stories of their children and how they are growing and developing daily. It was nice to get little tidbits of tried tricks and information that I hadn't discovered yet.

When Mark and I got back in the car we both took a sigh of relief that it went well, really well. We were both really happy about the night and so glad that we decided to go. We talked about the family bbq that is in a couple of weeks and going back next month for the next meeting.

I felt an instant connection to these families, like I had met them before. If you know me you know that I am not into hokey pokey type things but it was freaky how well I thought I knew these families. It wasn't just me, Mark felt it too. Maybe we have met somewhere in life and now our children have brought us all back together. I dunno but, we have met some great folks and I can't wait to re-connect ;)

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