Sunday, April 6, 2008

No new fabric..yet

I still haven't made it to the store I was planning on visiting in Abbotsford yet, too much going on in the last couple of days. Mother/ Daughter/ Nana bonding, Dinner at Great-grandma's and just vegging for the weekend. I had planned on tending to the chickens today, but I woke up to rain and that's no fun. Poppy and I were out there the other day, and the Rooster FREAKS her right out! Poor thing, there was so calming her after that. We are expecting a few new chickens in about a month for more eggs, so I need to get the residents ready for that change. I have had most of my girls for almost 4 years now, and for those who say they stop laying after 2 years, I say bologna, they are slower but still productive.

In doll news, I have the 7 stuffed and ready to get their heads sewed, tomorrow hopefully. :)

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