Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have a major case of cabin fever.

We have been sick for what seems like months.

Just when I thought things were getting normal, they got worse... again.

Poppy nailed me dead square in the cleavage with projectile vomit at lunch today, it was awesome.

Actually... it wasn't.

I am feeling sore and achy again today as well, but I am hoping it's just from going outside yesterday and actually walking. (I am not joking)

I sent out a eviction notice to this bug to take a hike. It has until midnight tonight to find a new place to live, or better else just die! I have officially declared war.

Wish us luck my friends.


Kat said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! The flu is awful, and so much worse when you have it along with the kids.

I love your little fox on your blog, did you make it?

Kat (FVMQ)

Poot & Boogie said...

I did make it!