Thursday, January 26, 2012

it's 8 o'clock (am) somewhere

The clock on my nightstand currently read 3:19 am. There is no way I am going to be falling asleep, I have been up most of the night already. The current situation in my room is this:

Poppy has taken over my place in the bed lying sideways with the balls of her feet in Marks back. Mark is teetering on the edge of his side. My head is at the foot of the bed in the dogs normal place with my legs acting as guard rails to keep Poppy from taking a header off the edge.

Marks sleep apnea mask is crooked on his face and is making a louder than normal whirring noise and Ola and Auntie Bev are snoring through the baby monitor from the girls room. Poppy's breathing has quieted significantly in the last hour, but it has turned into a snore-hiss-whimper, with the occasional request for help.

Oh, and the dog? She's tucked in nice and cozy under the blankets snoring.

As cockeyed as this whole arrangment may seem it seemed like the only feesable way to make tonight work. Poppy is sick with a double ear infection and a cough and fever that have her teetering on the edge of pneumonia. Because her and Ola share a room in our tiny house a single bark of her cough sends Ola into a panic that then wakes her as well. Poppy can't sleep on the couch on her own, so that leaves my bed. Auntie Bev is here to help me for 2 more days while I recover from my septum surgery that I had last week. I am unable to pick up Ola or bend over her crib. Because she is more useful to Ola right now in the middle of the night she is posted in the girls room with her. Poor Mark he really doesn't have much say in the whole situation, if he can't sleep in our bed he has the couch. Don't feel too bad for him, it's pretty comfy and I left him the fluffy pink princess blanket.

In my efforts to keep everyone sleeping I have sabotaged my own, but that's ok... I can't sleep anyways. The pressure behind and in my nose is frustratingly annoying, and when my kids are sick I feel like I am on high alert.

Hey wait a minute....

I'm not the only one awake. The roosters are up too.


Krista said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I feel for you. Exhaustion overtook me a couple of days ago after a family run in with sickness. Blessings and prayers for you and your family.

Andrea @ The Penny-Roach's said...

Oh no! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

Vintage Home said...

Oh dear...Hope you get better soon...and all is well in your home!