Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ds Awareness day #13

There is another marker for Ds that is visible as soon as the baby is born, it's called sandal toe. I am sure it has a fancier name, but for our purposes this will do.

and  it looks like this...

These are Ola's toes about an hour after she was born, when we still had her with us in the room. I think my sister in law took this picture because right off the bat I though something looked a little bit different than I remember baby toes looking. Keep in mind that her little feet are very swollen in this picture, but on the left can you see the bigger space between the big toe and the second toe? That's sandal toe. Just a bigger space. Doesn't cause any harm, and I think again like everything else not all kids with Ds have this.

Honestly I think my toes look like this after a long hot summer of wearing flip flops. so that just brings home the fact that kids with Ds are more alike other kids than unlike.

Oh yeah.... Don't forget to leave a comment on day 11 for a chance to win a Poot & Boogie gnome stuffy!

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