Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things I learned today...

I really like to watch a show called "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" on the Food network. Have you seen this show? The food on this show is the reason why we as a population are FAT!, these places are serving up heart attacks on plates, faster than the cooks can make them!

anyhoo, I was letting Poppy stay up an extra couple of minutes so I could see how this place was going to cook up some wings. Who doesn't love a good wing right?

They did their thing and piled them on to the plate and did a close up...

Poppy "Mommy...those chicken?
Me "Uh huh, they are called chicken wings" (drool drool, I am on a diet you know!)
Poppy "Mommy...we need those"
Me "Yes... Yes we do..."

This story has no moral of the story, I totally agree with her.

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Anonymous said...

We have no TV at the moment. While I'm mostly happy with that decision, I really miss the Food Network. Oh, the food!

Although I agree with your point about how it's causing obesity. :/