Thursday, June 10, 2010

things I learned today...

While taking another break from jumping on the trampoline with Poppy she lands face first into my armpit...

Poppy "Mommy you armpit stinky!"
Me "No it's not." (I take a whiff, yup it's stinky) "Well I have been playing with you all day."
Poppy leans in for another whiff "Yup you stinky"
Me "Thats not very nice to tell someone, I am not that stinky..."
Poppy "Mommy... (puts hands on hips) Me Poop stinky, me pee stinky, me bum stinky, you arm pit stinky!"
Me "ok, you are right, my armpit is stinky"

Moral of the story:

Take the 5 seconds and put on deoderant, and quit calling your daughter "stinky" as a nickname :)


Carla said...

Too funny and too true!! Amazing what their little minds can figure out!

Amber said...

You are just a font of wisdom. A font, I say! :)

Mrs. Merriman said...