Monday, March 16, 2009

back to school

Well this is my last official blog post before starting back to school tomorrow. I am excited, but a little scared deep down, worried about being the token "older" girl. ( I am only 30, but still) Having found out about the practice that my classmates and I will be doing on each other, I am also worried about being the token "fat" girl as well. Knowing that 3 months down the road a classmate will be hooking up ECG's to my chest just may be enough to get me on a diet. HA!

I have carefully picked out my outfit for the morning, and have made my sandwich. Packed my water, and my favorite pen and pencil.

I have gotten Poppy's clothes ready for the morning, although I know she will be making the trip to my aunts in her PJ's! Thank God for Auntie's who are willing to look after their great nieces for 8 months of school. For Aunties who are willing to give up their summer holidays to help out!

Thanks Auntie Bevie!!!

Well I have ideas for dolls in my head, and I plan to get them out of there. I can't have them taking up my precious brain space! So you may see a doll sooner than planned!


Siayla said...

Hope the luck of the Irish was on your side today for your first day of school!

Amelia said...

all the best on your new adventure!