Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home, Holidays, Happy Face

I am home from my trip to Nelson. Nelson is one of my favorite places. I have been going there forever and I usually only get there once a year now that I am an "adult". I Love it that I have family there to stay with, my Mom is from there and a few of her sisters and brothers have stayed. I told myself that this time around I would go into a few places that I have never been to before and I did. I was pleasantly surprised. THeKootenayCo-op Was great and I actually managed to find a copy of Mothering Magazine which I have heard about by could not find for the life of me. The funniest thing I saw while I was there was a shopping basket full of navy blue HoleySoles with a little sign that said "for our barefooted customers, please borrow while you shop" only in Nelson!

Well I am back home and working on the dolls, some new projects, which I am very excited about and something that I can talk about. I found a wonderfully cool company called Spoonflower that custom prints fabric. I thought I have to jump on this. Having no idea how to do anything with designing, and using fancy software, I knew exactly who to fantastically talented and artsy cousin Simone. She worked hard and fast for me and got a perfect design done for my new cloth tags. If you go to the spoonflower website and take a look at the video and you can have a sneaky peaky at what the tags look like. Go to 58seconds, and there we are!!! just for a second!

Well I just picked up my sewing machine from the shop and I am ready to get going. I looked at some really fancy embroidery machines and the thought of getting rid of this old thing made me a little sad. I will never admit that to Mark though :)

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