Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Night and nothing is on TV

I hate it when nothing of any interest is on TV. Out of all the TV shows and Movies that they re-run on TV I love Sex and the City and Never Been Kissed. I want into Se and the City when it was actualy on TV but now... Ilove it and I cannot wait for it to come to the Movies. Poppy and I sometimes go to a special creening for babies at our local theatre and it's fun, that is one movie I will be sure to go see.

I have purchased some new fabric that I can't wait to make dolls with. I actually found another color of felt too that I think will be a really nice orangey color for hair. I love my Red and Yellow color, but this will be a nice addition.

I have actually been experimenting with a new pattern for a fairy doll. My friend Brooke loves fairies and she suggested it. The first one turned out...ok, but there are some things that I really need to change on it before I debut her. I really like the colors I used, but again...some things...

I have sold another doll since my excited post last week, I am excited for things to get rolling right along. It was really exciting, I actually did a little dance :)

I have some other things I have to do tonight like... laundry yay! so off I go.

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Siayla said...

Congrats on the second doll sale! We're off to the races!

Can't wait to see yorr fairy dolly. I am so excited!