Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well the next 7 are ready to go, here they are getting ready for the trip to Cobble Hill.

Be sure to check them out at NaturalPod

In other doll news, I still have yet to be out to the store in Abbotsford that I still don't know the name of :) maybe Poppy and I will tackle that tomorrow. I really like to take her out during the day whether we go get groceries or go for a walk, anything to change up the atmosphere a little.

I wanted to show off my favorite doll out of the new bunch, I always have a favorite, but then I feel they have feelings or something. Notice how I put her on top in the group shot. I really like her face, and her bright red hair. Hopefully she goes to a good home.


Siayla said...

I love that circle fabric. I think I need a trip to that sore! I'm on the hunt for buttons of course!

Siayla said...

Apparently I can't spell. It's supposed yo say store :)