Saturday, April 30, 2011

I fought the law... but the law won.

"aw crap!"

"Mom...Crap is a bad word."

"ugh, I know Poppy, I know"

Let's rewind 10 seconds shall we.

We are merrily on our way to a ENT appointment for Ola. Mark is in the passenger seat, the kids are in the back of my mom mobile.

I take our quiet road and then a even quieter back road to get to the freeway. Roads passing by blueberry fields, a turf farm, horses, ranches, markets.

I am really happy on my road, until "they" appear.

The "doddlers."

These people drive me crazy. Out for a sunday drive at 9 am on a Tuesday.

I pondered my options.

1. Wait it out. It will only take 5 minutes to get to the highway now.
2. Pass em.

I looked, it was safe. I had a striped yellow line. I could pass.

I did.

and then I promptly got pulled over. I could hear the laughter from the doddlers as they passed by me.

"aw crap!"

"Mom... Crap is a bad word."

"ugh, I know Poppy, I know"

Mark could hardly contain his laughter as I slowed and turned off onto a side road where I joined 3 other cars.

"I don't even know what to do! I have never been pulled over before! I have driven for half my life and I haven't even gotten a parking ticket!"

I rolled down my window and smiled.

"hi there" (I smiled as cutely as I could)

He smiled back. (it's working! It's working! I am so cute he is going to let me go!)

"You know why I pulled you over right?" He flashes the radar gun my way. 91km.


"Ok, can I see your licence please?

"Sure, I am allowed to get out of my car? It's in the back?"

"Yes mamm"

Ahh crap he called me Mamm.

"Am I going to find anything on your record?

"No way! I have never even gotten a parking ticket! This is just as bad as the time I got my first cavity."

"uhh, Ok Mamm, can I see your registration?"

"ok" sulking

The officer walked away and Mark laughed some more.

"you won't get a ticket"

"yes I will! he called me Mamm. Ugh... why with you and the girls in the car?"

Poppy starts asking me questions.

 I am so annoyed at myself, that and the fact that I am now going to be late to the ENT.

The officer comes back, tells me that he is going to be "nice" and only give me a speeding ticket, not an excessive speeding ticket.

I say thank you about a hundred times like he is giving me the winning lotto numbers.

He tells me that if I pay within 30 days I will save even more money.

"Thank You officer."

"No problem, take care Lead foot.

Lead foot! I think he meant to say Leanna.

He did mean to say Leanna right?

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Anonymous said...

Oh no!

I'm not sure what he DID mean to say, but these things are always so much more fun with your whole family along, huh? ;)