Monday, March 7, 2011

Just shoot me now....

Mark and I headed in Vancouver on the weekend to go to Pacific Center Mall. We had one destination... the Apple store. Mark and I are not shoppers especially at HUGE malls like Pacific center. I am sure it was comical watching us attempt to make our way to the mall, we had no idea where we were going, or how to get in, and it was busy making it really hard to navigate our monster stroller down the crowded sidewalks.

We eventually just decided to go into Sears and make our way from there, then we couldn't find the mall entrance so we had to ask a makeup counter girl for directions. Luckily the elevators were right there and we didn't have to search for them.

We get into the mall, and immediately I feel OUT of place. We were surrounded by pretty people. Suddenly I am realizing that I didn't have time to take a shower that morning, I barely put on mascara and my hair is pulled back mom style, just keep it out of my face and out of Ola's reach. We make it to the Apple store and honestly I just want to keep my eyes down, no one look at me, no one talk to me.

The Apple store is always packed and there was no way I was navigating the stroller through that mess, I hovered around the ipads for a few minutes because they are at the front of the store and I make sure to put the blog on all of the front pages ( I am so smart, I know!) When I walked back to the front of the store I noticed another mother trying to navigate her way back out of the store with her stroller. I kept looking and quickly realized that I was staring at a local celebrity. I wanted to say hi, as we have chatted on Facebook so I waited for her to make eye contact and it went from there. I told her she was brave attempting to make it in, and quickly re-introduced myself. She remembered me right away, and said hi to Ola (Poppy was at Nana's) and we stood there and chatted about runny noses, pneumonia, grandparents and how busy life gets.

 I really enjoyed our chat, and as she walked away I thought.. Oh my GAWD. I just met her and I look like this! (quickly checking for snot trails on my shoulder) UGH! I look like I am straight of the farm!(Well not quite, but still...) Just shoot me now.

I looked down.

Tan hoodie
Worn in jeans rolled up (like a pirate Mark says)
Black converse high tops (of course)
and a quick check of the plain face (ugh.. you could have at least put on your glasses, those help)
and the hair... 

Stacey London would not be impressed right now I thought. You should always dress like you are going out to meet someone important, because you never know... and she was right damn it.

Hopefully she won't hold her first visual impression of me against me. I am not giving up my converse for anyone.

And although she said she was tired she's the one who walked away with a Loius Vuitton bag on her shoulder.

Enough said.

I did not look like this unfortunately, which I think is a better representation of what I look like.

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Debbie said...

I love you for YOU! And I don't think you are a LV bag holder anyway! I am sure you looked your beautiful self, and you are Beautiful by the way! I have had a similar experience..... you'll laugh later... won't you? :D