Thursday, October 21, 2010

This week of mine

Ok, so the Ds posts didn't happen all this week, it's ok I have an excuse...

This has been the busiest week for me in a long time.

Ola had 3 appointments, I had one, throw in a day at the pumpkin patch with 20 three year olds, picture day at school, a meeting,  and you have me, sitting at my computer at 10:30pm still wearing my jacket...

I'm thinking it's time for bed.

Mark asked me what was on the calendar for tomorrow and I said "Nothing!" and I hope it stays that way. He wants to have a nothing day too so maybe we can figure something out.

All good things came from all of Ola's appointments this week, except that she shouldn't go in the jolly jumper. So no more fun for her. It's ok though, after listening to the Dr's reasoning I am cool with that. We don't need any neck/hip/back injuries here.

She needs to go have an ultrasound done on her... umm brain I guess. It's of her head, so I would imagine it's her brain. She is tending to favor her right side and we need to rule out anything going on with the right side of her brain which controls the left side. Confused yet? me too! It feels weird to day that she needs an ultrasound on her brain...

Pumpkin patch went well, we got a few pumpkins, one which is like a conjoined twin, Poppy calls it the boobie pumpkin which she happily gave me. Thanks dear...

 Petting a turkey chick
 Daddy shot (note Poppy is kissing Ola's hand, she is always doing this, it's my fault, I told her when Ola came home from the hospital that she was only allowed to kiss her hands and feet therefore sparing little Ola germs on her face, but now... she would rather be kissing Ola's hands than doing anything else)
 Mommy shot
 dragging a pumpkin
 Picked one!
 Ola is feeling under the weather, she slept most of the time
The end

I had a dentist appointment. Apparently I have TMJ. My jaw has hurt and ached for so long now, my dentist wants to shoot botox into my jaw muscle... I don't know about that yet. I am not a botoxie type girl :)

I am a member of the newly formed Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild, I went to my first meeting tonight. I had a really good time. I didn't sew, but I chatted and that was fun too! It was nice to meet some ladies that I feel like I know but I haven't met yet. Hi guys!

Ok so it's 11 now, and I gotta go to bed. Enjoy the rest of your week, I hope you get a nothing day too!


Amber said...

Wow, that IS a busy week. I've been dragging my feet on taking my own 2 kids to the pumpkin patch because it sounds like an awful lot of work. I'm highly impressed you braved it with so many little ones!

Big Girl Feet said...

I'm so glad you came to the meeting, it was great to see you! Next one we might be sewing again- deets to come. I hope all is well...!

Holly W said...

I want to see the boobie pumpkin!