Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ds awareness day #3

Did you know?

Down syndrome is a chromosomal anomaly, or mix up in the genetic blue-print that occurs at conception. (taken from LMDSS)

I honestly wasn't sure. When I first was told that Ola most likely had DS a hour after she was born the first thing that came to mind was "OMG I knew it was a bad idea to get the H1N1 shot!" oh how naive I was.

The morning after Ola was born our super, wonderful, awesome, great (insert any other complimentary term here) pediatrician came to introduce himself and talk to us about Ola and Ds. He held her, talked to her gently and answered our questions and concerns in the most peaceful calm voice I had heard in days. One of the first things that I blurted out was "I had the H1N1 shot, that did this didn't it!" He looked at me, gave me a reassuring smile and calmly told me that I had done nothing that caused this. It wasn't the shot, it wasn't something I ate, I wasn't something that I didn't eat :) The way he described it to us was that all of my chromosomes and genetic material had been decided generations ago. All of my eggs had their destiny mapped out before my mother was even a glimmer in my grandmothers mind, and so on. The egg that was fertilized that night had an extra chromosome on the 21st one.

Had we not had sex that night and waited for another period, we might not have Ola. Simple as that. (Although there is a small chance that it could also be Marks sperm that contributed the Ds, it is more likely that it was my egg.)

So there you go... It wasn't something I ate :)


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great series you're doing. I'm learning something, anyways!

Poot and Boogie said...

Thanks Amber! I am really enjoying it actually, even if I am just educating one person I am doing my job as an advocate :)