Wednesday, September 29, 2010

thinking about it

Poppy modelling my vintage cateye frames, love these, will have to wait to get lenses put in though.

This blog takes up a lot of space in my cluttered head. I find myself thinking of things I can write about but also about the readers. I know I only have 18 "followers" but I assume that more people read this blog but just don't officially "follow" like my Mom for instance (Hi Mom!)

I read a lot of blogs myself and I often think about their stories. Most of the blogs I follow are other Moms, some of them have children with DS and some do not. I follow some crafty ladies, some quilt y ladies, some photography loving ladies. And there are a couple of Dad's thrown in there too.

I always find these blogs so fascinating, sometimes wishing that my life were a bit more glamourous so you all would have something fab to read about other than Ds, sick kids, dolls. Wishing that I was a better photographer, heck wishing I could remember my camera so i could take more fabulous photos of my daily jaunts. but then....

I started thinking that maybe someone out in blogland thinks that I am pretty special, maybe I am one of the blogs that they love to read, maybe they think I am kinda cool, that my kids are super cute, that raising chickens is kinda fun, that I am a strong super mom.

but then again, maybe not...

but that's ok, cause I think I am pretty cool, that my kids are super cute, that my chickens are awesome and that I am a super Mom and I know the last one is true cause Poppy told me so! :)


Carla said...

Chin up! I love reading your blog. I don't remember where I came across it, but I know I started reading it because I was drawn to your writing. I admire your heart and your love for your family. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Just stumbled across it one day :) I'm not an official 'follower' but do like reading your inspiring stories :)

siayla said...

I have so little time to blog lately. Once the kidtopia is closed this Saturday and the daycare is gone Nov 1st I will have more time to read and hopefully get back into blogging againmyself.

I say this not only as a friend, but because I love reading your blog. Friend or have a natural gift with words and you say it how it feels. You are honest, straight forward and you don't try to cover that up with all kinds of over the top cuteness put in just to make it look good, if you know what I mean.

You are courageous in your words, inspirational, you show beauty both inside and out with your family and though I don't read often or write comments often, I LOVE your blog and when I do have time I sit and read all the old posts I missed :) Keep on trucking chickie as I am sure there are lots of people out there that don't post comments and don't follow but do check in on you from time to time, and I am positive they always leave feeling very touched.

Poot and Boogie said...

Thanks made me smile.