Thursday, August 5, 2010's been so long!

Well first off, our little miss Ola has decided that rolling over and smiling are the two best things in the world. How could you now instantly fall in love with that little face? Oi...melts my heart!

We were at the health unit today and she has gained a bunch more weight and now sits a lovely 12lbs 12 oz. I don't think I will be going back on Monday, I have been trying to only go every other week now. I'm no longer worried about her gaining, I know that she is, and I have a diaper box of too small clothes to prove it!

Little miss Poppy is doing great as well, we went and met her pre-school teacher today, and Poppy seemed to really like it. She was being a bit apprehensive so I thought that I would do a drop in and show her around. She took it like a champ and I think now that she will fit right in. I am still concerned about her fear and absolute dislike for singing in public, but her teacher doesn't seem to concerned so I am choosing not to be either!

Mark and I took the girls to Vancouver Island for the long weekend, and we had a really good time. I am really enjoying Kayaking and for some reason I only seem to be able to do it there. It's ok though, the company is totally worth it! My brother was there as well, and Mr. Cocky decided he was going to carry our bilge pump just in case one of us got into a pickle, and funny enough it was him. Seeing my brother bail out of his kayak was priceless, good thing he took the pump huh guys!

Other than that things are good over in our neck of the woods. How bout you?


Amber said...

I love that photo of Ola. So sweet!

And I have never been kayaking. I would love to try, but somehow I haven't gotten around to it. I must put that on my bucket list.

Poot and Boogie said...

Kayaking is so great! You totally have to try it. I am trying to find a good cheap spot her to rent from, over in Comox it is only $15 for an evening ride.