Monday, December 8, 2008

some ramblings....

Santa and I at the Santa Shuffle 5km run

The deadline for Christmas orders has come and gone, and I have 7 left to sew in the next couple of days. I will be doing that as soon as I am done here. The past year has been very exciting for me. Making dolls, meeting people, making covers! would not have been possible without the support of the folks who believe in Poot & Boogie. Thanks GUYS!!!

In other news...
I have given in and relinquished some of my power and let Mark step in and help out with the doll making. This past week has been hectic and with P getting sick, and our little dog being sick as well, I have been stressed with the deadlines looming. My hubby has stepped up to the plate and helped me out enormously. For those of you that know us personally you can imagine that adding doll making to the list of Marks to do's is huge. Thanks HUNNY!!!

I have discovered a new radio station and those of you in the lower mainland should turn your dials immediately. I swear I have not changed the station in 3 days!!! I cannot find a website for the station yet, don't know why but it's an "adult alternative rock station playing new and emerging artists, and alternative bands form the 80's and 90's" LOVE IT!!!

I found this Dwight Schrute pin on ETSY last night, I love the Office and I think I need this pin!

I have been taking a Learn to Run program with the Running Room, and it has been hard, but good even amidst the tears! I spontaneously decided to sign up for a race the night before. It was for a good cause (The Salvation Army) and it was so good. I had already set a goal for myself to race in a triathlon in June, but now I am in race mode. I have so many that I want to take part in and I think that I have my cousin (my other running buddy) talked into a Duathalon at UBC in March. 5km run, 11km bike and then another 5km run! OI!

Umm... I guess that's it. I am out of things to say. Here I go to sew!

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