Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The last of the Christmas Girls

I met up with my last custom order customer yesterday and delivered her 3 orders for her daughters and neice. It was nice to meet you M. I miss getting to chat with the custom order customers through email. Now that the customs go through Natural Pod I don't get to talk to you first :( If you recived a Poot & Boogie doll for the holidays feel free (if you wish) to email me. I would love to hear how your little girls...and boys liked their dolls.


The Kehler Family said...

Thanks Leanna,

I am so excited to see my girl's reaction to them. I am sure that they'll love them. My oldest (C) is telling everyone that she wants a doll from Santa (I swear, I haven't prompted that one)

Thanks again Leanna.


Cathy said...

Those girls are so cute!!