Tuesday, November 25, 2008

busy busy

As for everyone this season is busy, I always try to keep low key and low stress, but this year is feeling a little more hectic. This is my first year for doll orders, and I knew it was going to be busy! thanks guys so much for all the dollie love!

Between orders I am trying to make some other gifts for family and friends, but have bought a few things from ETSY this year. At least I know it was handmade.

As some of you may know I keep fancy chickens as a hobby, they are pets, and most of the time we don't even eat the eggs! unfortunately some birds that I rescued this past summer have caused my old ladies and our favorite rooster, to get a respiratory infection. We had the vet out but after a week of meds in their water no luck and i think that they actually got worse. So I am now medicating every chicken ( there is 18) twice a day with a syringe in the mouth to get them better. It takes me over a half hour, but it is well worth it to keep them with me. The vet was actually impressed with the new diagnosis that I had made on my own after reading up on birds diseases and viruses. It makes me want to get back into the veterinary field...but that is a whole other post in itself.

I have taken up running, well trying to anyways. I see my new friend Cathy there on Tuesday nights running with her half marathon group. I had a rough run tonight, not bad really, but I am slow and was at the back...let me re-phrase that.....at the waaaayyyy backkkkk. I kept a really good pace I thought, but just couldn't keep up with the group. I managed to finish the night, but at the end the whole group waits for the stragglers, and it was just me. They were clapping, and saying way to go, which is so nice, but really hard to hear when you are disappointed with yourself. Being at the end every time was my excuse to quit last time. It was easier than facing them every week. I managed to choke back the tears, until I saw Cathy...then I cried!! Thanks Cathy for the encouraging words, and the " I know you can do it!" I appreciate the shoulder to cry on literally!

All will be well, but right now I am going to soothe my aching hip in a tub and I am going to slide myself off to sleep on my new 700 thread count sheets!


Amber said...

Those birds are so lucky to have you. Please keep us updated on their progress. :-)

And I'm so impressed with the running. The fact that you're going out at all, with everything else on your plate, is amazing. I am slow too (when I run, which is never), so I feel your pain. I always blame it on my short stature. It may be a cop out, but whatever works, right?

Poot and Boogie said...

Haha I blame my short stature as well!!

Thanks for the chicken well wishes, I just got in from their night medication, and I think things are looking up!

Siayla said...

Chin up Leanna! You can do it!!! I give you big praise for running. Personally I just sit around and complain about my baby fat...somehow wishing it away isn't working so congrats to you for getting out and actually running! Someone always has to come in last and it sounds like you have a good group of supporting ladies waiting for who ever the last may be...so chin up and keep going!